Richard Newton

Richard Newton is the President, CEO and lead shareholder of International Solutions, Inc. Rick has worked in the insurance industry, both in the United States and Europe, for over 30 years providing advisory services to troubled insurance operations. Rick has been involved in the restructuring of troubled insurance operations leading many successful run-off projects. He has developed creative structures involving carefully planned reinsurance programs in support of restructured run-off companies, acquisitions, divestitures and governmental privatizations.

Kathleen Thompson

Kathleen Thompson has worked in the Workers Compensation arena for more than thirty years. She has held management positions with CIGNA and Crum and Foster.  Her achievements during this time include managing a multi-state claims department of 50 employees in addition to assisting in the development of transitional work programs for employers, both in the workers compensation and non-subscriber arenas.

Since 1998, Kathleen has managed the claims department of Facility Insurance Corporation, the successor to the Texas Worker’s Compensation Insurance Facility joining  International Solutions, Inc. in 1999. In this position, Ms. Thompson is responsible for managing the operations of all the direct and assumed claim portfolios  from various servicing companies. In addition to her experience with direct-write claims, she has extensive experience in auditing assumed reinsurance claims.

Kevin Preston

Kevin Preston has worked in the financial, operational and reinsurance areas for insurance carriers and MGA’s for over 30 years with extensive run-off experience. Kevin’s experience includes: insurance company and agency operations, reinsurance – contract administration, assumed, ceded, letters of credit and collateral management, commutations, GAAP and statutory financial reporting, insurance company regulatory reporting and compliance, escrow and trust accounts, and audits of ceding companies and MGA’s.

Leslie Line

Leslie Line joined International Solutions in September 1998 as a claims supervisor for statutory workers compensation claims as well as federal workers compensation cases. She was instrumental in establishing successful medical cost containment guidelines. She is responsible for continuing education of claims staff and has provided claims consultant services for client companies. She performs routine quality control audits of claims according to client review standards.

During her career in the claims industry, Leslie has managed claims for several Fortune 500 companies, certified self-insured entities and municipalities. Her areas of expertise also include supervision of bad faith litigation, catastrophic injury claims, exemplary damage litigation, and reinsurance reporting of medical malpractice litigation. She obtained multi-state experience while working for Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, where she handled worker’s compensation claims in a number of jurisdictions.

Tim Breitenwischer

Tim Breitenwischer joined International Solutions in 1999, with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. He began his career with Travelers Insurance Company, in the group health arena. Tim began working in the Worker’s Compensation claims department in 1989 and since then  has been involved in different aspects of worker’s compensation claims handling while working for Wausau and Cigna Insurance companies, in both adjuster and supervisor positions.

He accepted the position of Catastrophic Claims Specialist in 1999, and is responsible for handling the most critically injured claimants. These include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputees, and severe burns. Tim has been very successful in mitigating the costs of these significant claims, while providing exemplary service to the injured claimants and their families.

Kim Barich

Kim received his BS in Information Technology from Michigan State University. Kim joined IS in 1999 and has over 30 years of IT experience in operations, application development and systems design, security and project management. Kim has also been  involved in IT operation assessments for capacity planning, disaster recovery, and risk management. Kim is responsible for managing all phases of technology projects by working with the client to improve business continuity planning and disaster recovery, business process improvements and the development of technology recommendations for senior management.