Outsourcing – Third Party Administration
Workers Compensation

Claims Administration

The TPA division of International Solutions was formed to manage the Workers’ Compensation claims run-off resulting from the Texas Workers’ Compensation Facility.

Our primary focus is to aggressively control costs  and recoveries in the following areas:

  • Catastrophic Claims
  • Medical Cost Containment
  • Litigation Prevention
  • Litigation Management
  • Subrogation

Catastrophic Claims

International Solutions has established a team of claim representatives and case managers who specialize in the management of catastrophic injuries.

The members of this team average in excess of 25 years in claim experience. We believe that this high level of experience is desirable because catastrophic injuries represent a significant percentage of overall claims costs. Team members are experienced in identifying and monitoring available and reputable care facilities, and in identifying alternate in-home care plans.

The team works closely with clients and family members to arrive at a quality care plan, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Medical Cost Containment

International Solutions has established aggressive cost containment methods in an effort to control medical costs, which are responsible for the majority of overall claim expenses.

We recognize substantial savings on our bill review program and we have an effective utilization program, which includes proactive pre-certification of medical treatment. We also maintain an aggressive peer review program.

Our clients have realized substantial savings  as a result of our claim processes.

Litigation Prevention

In an effort to control cost and avoid unnecessary litigation, our team of claims professionals’ works with our clients to aggressively investigate and resolve claims in a fair and efficient manner.

Onsite investigations enable us to minimize litigation, which results in more cost-effective claims handling.

Litigation Management

Once a lawsuit is filed, our team of claims professionals work with selected defense counsel to closely manage the litigation in an effort to keep legal costs under control.

Throughout the entire litigation process, the defense strategy is carefully coordinated between the defense counsel and the claims department to avoid unnecessary legal expense and to ensure the most favorable cost-effective outcome possible.


From the first date of notice of the workers’ compensation loss, our claim experts are attuned to the possibility of subrogation recoveries. If subrogation is warranted, we work closely with the responsible parties to bring the recovery to fruition in a timely manner.

Our claim system was specifically designed to assist the adjuster in subrogation process. Special processing procedures were placed in the system to allow the adjusters to free their time for the more important task of negotiation of the settlement.

Collections, Commutations & Debt Purchase

International Solutions recognizes that cash flow and prompt collections of insurance receivables are of paramount importance to companies in this competitive marketplace. IS has been one of the founding companies in the development of the highly specialized Debt Purchase insurance niche. We have been involved in several successful debt purchase transactions.

Insurance Collections

Cash Flow is vital in today’s competitive insurance market place, particularly involving international companies. Old or disputed receivables present an expensive and time-consuming collection exercise. Litigation is particularly troublesome and an expensive type of remedy. International Solutions, with its recognized international network, can professionally assist insurance and reinsurance companies in the collection of outstanding receivables, whether collectible or in dispute.

Debt Purchase

Aged receivables can be a serious strain on an insurance company’s balance sheet. The outright purchase of old or problematic receivables can put an end to this. By purchasing debt, International Solutions provides the company the immediate and complete ability to convert the receivable into cash. This type of transaction has a two-fold benefit: potentially increasing the company’s surplus and putting an end to the ongoing administrative expenses.


Commutations have evolved to become a popular instrument for resolving disputes and providing “finality” to escalating loss exposure. International Solutions, with its established track record of negotiating hundreds of commutations, specializes in the negotiation process between cedants and reinsurers. The commutation thus avoids the additional expenses associated with arbitration and litigation while defining the end cost.

Inspection and Consulting Services

International Solutions has assembled a diverse group of talented professionals with a broad, unmatched and complementary range of experience. This enables International Solutions to meet your specific needs with the following portfolio of services.


  • Integrated Reinsurance Auditing and Inspection of Records
  • Financial Accounting Reviews
  • Underwriting and Claim Audits and Reviews
  • Contract Compliance
  • Arbitration and Litigation Support


  • Consulting Services
  • Operational Reviews and Systems Assessments
  • Skills Analysis and Staff Development
  • Benchmarking and Performance Measurement Protocol